Saturday, May 25, 2013

Miracles in the basement

So, for a quick update - while I worked on the correcting the dress I screwed up made a tiny mistake on, the fix-it man came into the studio and quietly asked "So, don't you have an iron jigsaw puzzle for me to work on?" I handed him the baggie full of itty-bitty plastic pieces and the broken iron, and off to the workshop he went.
The man has the patience of a saint - he sat with tweezers and a pointy tube of super glue for the next several hours. I went in to peek before lunch, and it looked like progress was being made, but there were still a lot of spaces in the plastic. I should have had greater faith, because right now that iron is back in the studio, tested and completely functional. No leaks, no electrical shorts, it heats and steams and presses just like it's supposed to! The back of the housing has quite a bit of electrical tape, covering the spaces where some tiny pieces were missing, but other than that "good as new!"

 Makes me wonder which will be my spare iron - this one, or the replacement when it arrives. So it was a successful day - the dress is ready for the next fitting, too.

Oh, and remember the Bernette serger that I managed to wear out? That works like a charm, too. Threaded and set up, ready for use.

Need a machine fixed? My guy works cheap - a six pack or two of Guinness and some pretzels and he's good to go!

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