Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jackets and UFOs - Time to return to Unfinished Projects

I watch more tv than I should own up to, and often find myself mezmerized at the outfits worn by the women characters. Beyond the fashions from the 60's popularized by Mad Men, I adore the suit separates and coats Kerry Washington wears as Olivia Pope
in Scandal, and I wonder how Jessica Pearson can work in the over-the-top dresses she sports in Suits (although there is a lovely suit in her wardrobe, in one of last year's episodes, that I would kill for!)

I came across this article today, and it prompted me to return to my blog (and my sewing studio).

I was a corporate junior executive in the 80's, and had a closet full of blouses with bow ties, bow accessories, pumps and SUITS with amazing jackets. Most, I confess, were purchased, with hard-earned dollars and little time to sew for anyone, and the abundance of off-price retailers in eastern Massachusetts made it especially easy to shop. (Favorite places were Frugal Fannies and Filene's Basement, both of which had stores in nearby Framingham back then.) I've long ago given up most of these garments, but the few I managed to sew for myself have stayed in storage because I put so many hours into them I can't bear to part with them!

In the years since, I've still sewn jackets, but worn them much less frequently, finding they don't fit in with the way most people are dressing for the places I spend my time. Although the bulk of my personal sewing these days has been in knit fabrics for casual clothing, and I've only sewn one suit for a client in the past 10 years, the first things I'm drawn to in any fabric store are jacket fabrications. At least 3 UFOs in my studio are jackets, a couple of them so close to completion it hurts, and reading this article brought me such joy, I had to post it to both of my Facebook pages (Janee's Originals and Sawyer Brook). And I'm rethinking my sewing plan for the next 2 months. I'll be attending the ASDP 20th Annual Educational Conference in Nashville this October, and, per usual, have an ambitious schedule for making most of what I'll wear there. This year, I hope to actually complete the planned garments. (That is, if the brides give me a break - it's been the busiest darn summer for my alterations business that I've ever had.) So, some of the projects I've posted to this blog as they were begun will (hopefully!) show up finished and on my body, and others that have been formulating in my imagination should come out to see the light of day.

How about you? Are jackets making a comeback in your wardrobe plan this Fall? Stay tuned!

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