Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of the year already?

After a very busy Christmas week, not to mention the month or so leading up to it, I've been taking the last few days to consciously slow down and take stock - literally. I'm working at reorganizing
and cataloguing the supplies and fabric stored in my studio and in various other nooks around the house, with the plan to consolidate and eliminate the excess (say what?! how could there ever be excess?) Sewing time has been limited, to say the least, which is probably a good thing as it's giving me the opportunity to get used to my new gravity feed iron, purchased almost on a whim while placing a zipper and thread order from Wawak, when it was offered at a fabulous price. I really disliked the last Rowenta bought about a year ago to replace the one I'd used and loved since 2006. The new one, though heavier than I anticipated, will give me all the steam I need - or none when required - something that darn Rowenta wouldn't do. 
I'm also taking stock of how I spend my sewing time, and some of my free time as well. A recent post on the discussion list of my professional group got me thinking. A fellow professional dressmaker mentioned her plan to increase the time she has to sew for herself by allowing 10 minutes for herself for each hour spent for a client. My modus operandi is usually to put every available studio hour into my clients' work, squeezing out a garment or two for myself in the day or two before I need it. In preparation for my sewing retreat weekend every November, I madly alter patterns, cut garments out, and prepare interfacing at the last minute, and more often than not I'm less than satisfied with the results at the end of the weekend. Clearly I need a better plan, and a method of rediscovering the joy in my sewing. This last weekend before the new year is a good time to think about these things.

One of the issues I've had, forever -  seems like, is finding a garment not fitting as well through the upper torso and shoulders once it's done. I spend a lot of time altering for my full bust, large waist and  hips but haven't hit on the right combination of sizes for my shoulders and neck. I recently put together last year's gift from my daughter, making my dress form more closely resemble my own body.

I'm using this padding/cover system on my Twin-fit dress form for now, but maybe I'll set a goal for 2013 of acquiring a better base  form as well, which will free the adjustable form to be used when needed for clients' garments.

I know I've promised photos of some of the projects blogged about this fall, and there coming - as soon as my son and I get together on the results of our photo session a few weeks ago. In the meantime, I'll share this great video that a couple of my fellow bloggers have posted. It's a quick view of fashion, must have been really fun to shoot! Enjoy - and Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy for you that you got the new iron. I know it will give you many years of service. Funny how something as mundane as an iron can make our lives so much better!
    Glad to hear you're finding time to de-clutter. Something I need to do, for sure.