Friday, December 14, 2012

Serious Sensitivity

Yesterday's appointment schedule included a consultation with a client who has very particular needs that must be addressed in her garments. She has reactions to any kind of dye in the fabric, and can only wear natural fibers in the colors as they are grown.
Even the thread used to sew and serge the seams must be cotton or silk, with no dyes at all. This woman has been sourcing fabrics for years online to track down suppliers with "color-grown" (this term was new to me) cottons and silks in a variety of weights and weaves, and arrived for our appointment with bags and bins of fabrics and patterns - and apparently, there are several more bins at home waiting for other projects.

My head is swimming today, with thoughts of both the possibilities opened up by sewing for this client, and fears of the responsibility that goes with it. We have chosen 4 garments to make initially with the fabrics and patterns she'd brought, with another top to tackle afterward when she's found a fabric of suitable weight. A custom dressmaker's dream, right?

The garments we're planning range from simple elastic waist pants that fit closely like jeans (she says the weave of this silk loosens up as she wears the pants, to the extent that any other style of pant ends up practically falling off during a day's wear, and they tighten back up with washing) to a more unusual asymmetric jacket. Some of the styles chosen will surely take me a bit outside my comfort zone - which is a very good thing, I've found, as I need the stimulation of some new shape or technique to rediscover the joy in my sewing.  But still I have this nagging unease. It's a combination of 'am I worthy of this task?' and 'do I want this responsibility right now?' I'm wondering how many others feel this trepidation at the start of a new project - and how best to get past it.

Our next appointment will be after New Year's, to give me time to celebrate  Christmas with my family. My daughter Erin is flying in on Saturday for 2 weeks or so - it's been nearly a year since I've seen her and I've been missing her so much! I expect to spend some time sewing even while she's here, some surprises in mind. And I'll be posting photos of some of my projects as soon as my son finishes editing the ones he took for me - including the finished jeans I started on my retreat.

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