Monday, January 21, 2013

The Best Laid Plans...

I started the year with a plan to schedule sewing for myself as well as my customers in the time I have in the studio, by "earning" 10 minutes for me for each hour I spend on them.
Looking ahead to this week last Friday, when I had a full 2 days to sew over the weekend, (today's a holiday but I do have to go to work!) I decided there was plenty of time in my regular studio days to complete the clients' work that must be done before Saturday. I pulled out the knit top I'd started on my retreat in late November, and took an hour to finish putting it together. When I'd tried on the partially finished top without sleeves, it appeared to be a decent fit. Once the sleeves were sewn in - finished sewn, mind you: 4-thread serged and all - the whole dang thing is just wrong. The sleeves are way too tight, first of all, and they pull the armhole so far away from my upper torso in front that I can't have had such a good fit there in the first place. I was too frustrated to even take photos - and at least the fabric is nothing I was crazy about, and I do have plenty of it left. I may decide to remove the sleeves and recut them, along with the armscyes. But until them, I guess I've made my first wadder of the year...

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  1. Oh, sorry to hear about your wadder. I hate wadders so much, even though I learn from them. I hope you can rescue the top from the trash bin!