Friday, July 24, 2015


Just a quick post because I received some awesome news this week - local customers voted Janee's Originals Dressmaking and Alterations a #1 choice for Dry Cleaner/Tailor! The MetroWest News delivered my certificate yesterday:

This is strictly a local choice made by readers
in my town of Holliston, and there was actually a 4-way tie for #1 - meaning we all received the exact same number of votes, and I have no idea how many votes there were. But darn, that certificate looks good up on the wall of the studio entry!

Now back to work - only a week left to get my entry made for the ASDP Threads Design Challenge, and there are still a couple of clients' projects that have to be completed for deadlines first! Wish me luck -

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  1. Congrats to you! Your professionalism, hard work and dedication is surely paying off.