Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My favorite custom project...

This morning, I was commissioned for the first custom project of the year - a christening gown to be made from the mother's wedding gown. Repurposing a gown that was such a large investment really appeals to my "green" side,
and I love when a family chooses this for their baby's christening. It's always a pleasure to see what style gown the client is bringing me, to get the creative juices flowing as we discuss ideas for the baby's gown.

Today's consultation couldn't have gone faster or smoother - I'd taken some time to set out photos of past gowns I'd made before the clients arrived, including a slideshow on my new MacBook Pro (yay Photoshop!) While it's usually the mother who comes to see me for these projects, this time both parents brought their beautiful little girl, and both were very vocal on their preferences for the baby's outfit. This wedding gown is made from an all-over lace embellished with beaded edging and appliques, over a satin undergown, and the couple really liked one of the gowns I'd done several years ago using a similar style.
I'd made a simple satin gown, and a jumper-style overdress of the embellished lace. As I remember, the lace was quite heavy due to the beading, and I had suggested the idea of the separate dress to counteract the weight, as well as make it easier to clean. The lace dress can be removed after the christening ceremony, leaving the baby in the satin gown for the after-party celebration.

The challenge is going to be choosing the cleanest areas of the lace from the bridal gown to incorporate into the baby's gown. It was disappointing to see the yellowing that happened following the cleaning and storage process - many of the sequins and beads are discolored, probably due to a combination of dry cleaning chemicals and storage in a plastic gown bag. The resulting off-gasses can really do some damage. Both parents were pretty set on using the whitest parts of the lace, even if it means sacrificing some of the decorative details.

Keep watching for photos as I make progress on this gown. I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to do this project - it's been too long since I've had a really creative garment to make - and to be paid to make it! - Having a baby in the studio was pretty fun, too.

Now if it would only stop snowing for more than a few days....I'd love to see signs of winter ending and spring coming on!

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  1. When I was doing wedding gowns, I loved nothing more than ripping one apart to make a christening gown. Look forward to seeing your progress.