Saturday, October 6, 2012

ASDP Conference Trip

I spent most of last week at (and traveling to and from) the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP) annual conference. One of the roles I juggle in my life is that of VP of Chapter Relations for the organization, so attending conference is part work, part pleasure.
We held the conference in conjunction with the American Sewing Expo (ASE) in Novi, MI - a large vendor market with a wide variety of seminars and classes, some short and basically info-mercial in format - the vendors are there to sell product, after all - and many longer, hands-on and really worthwhile. I've worked as a volunteer for my ASDP chapter at the smaller Original Quilt and Sewing Expo that's held locally in Worcester, MA, and was surprised to see many of the same vendors and teachers at the ASE, but I guess I shouldn't have been - it's a small world, our sewing universe!

They even provide for the spouses, in this huge Suburban Showcase venue - 

The Michigan Gun and Knife Show was being held at the same time...hmmm, something to occupy him while she shops!

I was inspired everywhere I turned - from the finalists participating in the Passion For Fashion competition, creating a garment in less than two days, reflecting their choice from the theme of bugs and butterflies (!); through the ASDP fashion show with entries submitted to the Threads Lace challenge (mine never got past the envisioning stage, so those members who were able to complete 3 garments/outfits to submit deserve kudos for sure!); to the countless members who volunteered their free time for our service project booth: sewing garments for Michigan Dress for Success. Seeing the career success that has resulted for two of our members due to their participation at the ASE in past years, priceless - Angela Wolf and Joi Mahon are both past winners of the PFP competition, and their garments were shown on the runway while the judges deliberated on this year's winner. We are truly a talented group of sewists, and can all make a difference.

After side trips to Niagara Falls and Penn's Cave in Pennsylvania Dutch country, I've come home to return to my studio, invigorated and ready to create. Maybe I'll make a bug-inspired garment myself, to remember my time inside the Butterfly Conservatory -

Happy Columbus Day everyone -

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