Sunday, September 23, 2012

Start of New Era

My sewing mojo has been really elusive lately - she's skittish, scurrying out of view after only giving me a glimpse at a time. When most of the time sewing has to be spent doing routine tasks for others, as it is for my dressmaking and alterations business, it's not surprising that there's little energy for creating exciting new garments just for the joy of it. The business has been my focus for so long that it begins to be work, not the lovely interludes of escape sewing used to offer me. (My dh refers to my trips into the studio as going 'down into the dungeon' - it is in the basement, after all...)

I've been wracking my brain trying to find a way to jumpstart my creative sewing time, with results that seem to come in fits and starts. Nearly every week my colleague and friend Dixie wishes me a good weekend with the words "Hope you find your sewing mojo!" and it's been getting harder to smile at that. But today, and for about the past week, I've been feeling more optimistic and productive -  working on a new pattern from a brand new (to me) source, and in spite of battling with the sadness of it being exactly two years since losing my mom, I'm ready to take a new step. Since Fall has arrived here in New England (well, it arrived everywhere in the hemisphere yesterday, but now the air has got that crisp autumn/fresh apples feeling) it seems like a really good time for me to take some of these thoughts that have been writing themselves in my head for months - years, maybe - and get them down on paper out there for the world to read. So welcome to my blog - I look forward to sharing some ideas, sewing techniques, theories, what-have-you with all of you creative sew-er types out there.

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